Alicia Vikander Vogue Japan October 2019

Alicia Vikander Vogue Japan October 2019

In the case of serving up fascinating journal covers, Alicia Vikander doesn’t precisely have the very best observe report on our boards. Whether or not the Swedish actress is Photoshopped into oblivion on American Vogue, soars to new heights on a tacky cowl of Harper’s Bazaar or seems completely depressing on Porter, our discussion board members have by no means been awestruck by Alicia’s efforts. Vogue Japan is the newest publication trying to do Alicia justice by giving its October 2019 cowl to the Louis Vuitton model ambassador, who, unsurprisingly, wears the enduring French style home within the cowl shot. Photographed by Vuitton’s marketing campaign photographer Collier Schorr and styled by Sissy Vian, Alicia’s newest fails to impress.

Vogue Japan October 2019 : Alicia Vikander by Collier Schorr


The duvet was a complete flop. “They always put Alicia in a fashion setting and give her tricky styling. She doesn’t have the range. This might have worked better with Luigi & Iango,” commented zoom right away.

“Louis Vuitton obviously paid for this cover. You have Alicia Vikander, a full LV look and Collier Schorr. No thanks,” disapproved GivenchyAddict.

“I think there’s a lot of money left at Louis Vuitton to the point of producing things like this…” laughed DK92.

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“So funny how [Nicolas Ghesquière] is still trying to make this girl into a fashion icon. I think she obviously doesn’t care, or seem to, this is just part of her job now and it (always) shows!” known as out Miss Dalloway.

In the identical way of thinking was Ken Doll Jenner: “The leather skirt looks like a camel toe, her expression looks unsure and yet LV keeps insisting that this girl is the next fashion star? No thanks.”

MON wasn’t impressed, both. “She looks uncomfortable.”

“All sorts of awful, but of course I didn’t expect to be blown away upon clicking the thread, given the fact it involves the ever-dull and lifeless Alicia Vikander (and Collier Schorr for that matter),” mentioned vogue28.

“It’s not her worst cover…” confessed kokobombon.

“Oddly enough, I agree,” replied Benn98. “I expected worse considering all the parties involved. But this Collier Schorr cover looks, dare I say, vaguely glamorous. The pose is, of course, awkward, but then that’s 90 percent of Alicia’s covers for you.”

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